Anne Emeka Obiajunwa

Anne Emeka Obiajunwa

Anne Emeka Obiajunwa


Save a girl child school outreach

Save a Girl Child Secondary School Outreach is an educative campaign conducted in secondary schools across Nigeria, geared towards educating young girls on all forms of abuse, liberating them from the shackles of sexual and emotional abuse and empowering them to live fulfilled lives irrespective of their past.

We teach the girls how to recover from a rape experience, build healthy self-esteem, and possibly prevent rape using basic Taekwando (practicals included). We also talk to them about the love of Jesus Christ. The highlight for us is when they openly declare him as Lord and Saviour. We counsel and encourage especially those who have experienced sexual or emotional abuse. We give free copies of the book TAMAR– A self-help guide to Breaking off the Shackles of sexual abuse. You can get a copy here.


Teen Edge outreach

Teen edge outreaches are held in secondary schools for all students. Juvenile behaviours are addressed and the students are introduced to a more powerful way of living. At these outreaches we have seen thousand come to Jesus. We distribute the comic pamphlet titled free. Thanks to all our financial partners.