Anne Emeka Obiajunwa

Anne Emeka Obiajunwa

Anne Emeka Obiajunwa


I believe you hit this page because something inside of you wants more than life appears to be bringing your way. You know there is more to your present abilities and you are ready to learn, encounter, know what it takes to be better at who you are and what you do.

I’m primarily gifted to birth purpose in the heart of people seeking direction in life, graced to teach them to nurse the vision they see and anointed to prophetically empower them to live fulfilled.

I understand that my birthing purpose, nursing vision, fulfilling destiny assignment isn’t to everyone. I’m sent to young (with the capacity to envision) people who desire to be relevant, purposeful and influential. Now if that describes you? I recommend that you read these books.


Life invites us into chapters where we must craft significance from emptiness, forge substance from the void, and reorder peace amidst chaos. 

The difference between those who effectively do these and the ones who struggle is the ability to make enduring decrees that compel change. 

The compelling force of enduring decrees has long been attributed exclusively to "powerful" prophets.

But it's not just for them; you were designed for and can have this kind of influence too.

Within you, a dormant super power awaits activation. "Light Be" serves as your guide, helping you

  • Transition from a passive recipient of unfavourable circumstances to an active disruptor and innovator manifesting the positive change you crave.

  • Discover the art of positioning yourself to influence seasons, circumstances, and spaces with a divine precision. 

  • Unleash your latent superpower, mastering the art of making effective decrees, and witness the significant transformation of your life. 

"Light Be" calls you into a future where you not only navigate change but become its architect.

Pick up the call/book now.

Turn Wishes to Wins

You’ve won at some things in life and lost at others; some of which are very dear wishes. Are you tired of losing?

Here is a no-nonsense, common sense guide to uncommon results in every dimension of your life.

In this book I share with you an ageless power and principles used by several notable people to turn their wishes into wins.


In the book Prothesis you will learn to let God lead you into His flawless purpose for you, learn to let God lead you into His flawless purpose for you,  understand the link between your gifts, talents and your purpose, and be empowered to make your mark, be relevant and live fulfilled.

This book challenges you to move from where you are to where you ought to be - a glorious fulfilling life!


In TAMAR, I tell the epic story of three women whose names bonded them-TAMAR.

Raped by a brother, Denied by her father-in-law and raised by an abused aunt respectively, all three women aptly represent the various forms of abuse faced by men and women in our societies today.
Buried in its pages is lasting freedom from all forms of abuse.

7 Signs You are Sabotaging Your Future

Many people think it is okay to just have a dream and work hard or smart (whatever your school of thought).

However, success in all of its holistic definition is more than that!

In this book, Anne Atulaegwu interestingly shows you 7 warning signs that you might be  ruining all you are currently working for, and helps you identify the triggers associated with self sabotaging behaviours.

Executive Summit

Living in times when days fly by fast, technology gets upgraded per second and last night’s most trendy dress takes the back seat by morning; we sure need some stability for our souls without losing touch with the times.

If you’ve ever desired a richer, fuller life that includes material blessings and the true riches of eternal worth? Then you must become wise- a person who heeds instruction.


In the Executive summit series, Anne Atulaegwu serves you a good doze of stability and wisdom required for you to live fulfilled, make you mark where it matters most and retain relevance in an ever changing world.


This book is the first of a series; designed like a magazine with illustrative images to help you capture its message.

In this volume, you will learn to overcome the fear of new beginnings, get over depression, do exploits while being approachable for marriage, step into your purpose and impart lives, balance school, work and ministry, and know the difference between God’s voice and your mind

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It will be a thing of honour to help you gain momentum for the heights you are destined to climb in this season of your life.

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