Anne Emeka Obiajunwa

Anne Emeka Obiajunwa

Anne Emeka Obiajunwa


The world is beginning to recognize the benefits of meditation, but this practice is as ancient as humanity itself. Meditation is a gift from God, meant to provide rest for the soul, strengthen the spirit, and refresh the body. It empowers you to see through God’s eyes, partner with him and recreate heaven on earth.

Unfortunately, like many other gifts from God, the enemy has distorted its purpose, claiming ownership and leading people into bondage through false promises of tranquillity offered by deceitful familiar spirits.

In the Godly meditation course, I will guide you to reconnect with meditation as God originally intended it: pure, holy, creative, engaging, liberating, and fruitful.

By the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Distinguish between the lies of the enemy, which trap people in bondage under fancy names sold as meditation, and the true art of meditation as designed by God. 

  • Sharpen your spiritual senses.

  • Hone the skill of collaborating with the divine to create a fruitful and fulfilling life across business, ministry, academics, relationships, health and career.

  • Master living in the awareness of the life-giving presence and manifest glory in all aspects of your life.

  • Overcome anxiety, fear, stress, and limiting beliefs that hinder your full potential. 


waiting, encouragement, discouragement, suicide

School of Waiting™ is a lifestyle pathway that compassionately blends wisdom, comfort, strategy, and poise to help you successfully navigate waiting seasons in life.

Designed for anyone waiting for a promise, expectation, or desire to happen,the School of Waiting™ combines relatable stories, practical answers, and applicable insights. This course will restore your joy, refresh your hope, and position you to receive that which you are waiting for.

Suitable for anyone interested in learning to support a loved one through a waiting season.

Delivery: Videos, Work-sheets, Printables, One-on-one with Princess-Anne

Mode: Online

Certificate: Yes

The Code is a discipleship pathway designed to help you unlock the principles and practice to a strong and stable spiritual life.

The course is recommended if you

  • Are a new or returning believer
  • Struggle with sin despite being a believer
  • Feel stagnant in your spiritual journey
  • Experience oppression in your sleep or dream
  • Notice inconsistency in your spiritual temperature (Hot today, cold tomorrow)

Price: Free

Detail: 10 Modules

Options:  Instructor Led

Delivery: Videos, Lecture notes

Mode: Online

Certificate: Yes

The Grow 90 discipleship pathway is designed to help you finish the Bible in just 90 days.

Each day, Princess-Anne shares insightful videos on selected verses from her study of the Bible, following the 90-day plan.

This course is  not just about completing a task. It is for you if you want to develop consistency, a deep love for God’s Word, and access the grace to understand the deeper layers of the Bible.

Price: FREE 

Delivery: Videos, PDF

Mode: Online

Mode: Self Paced

Level: Intermediate 

Following this pathway will enable you

  • Finish the entire bible in 90 days
  • Establish a rock-solid prayer life
  • Master how to know God’s will for yourself
  • Break off demonic oppression and become the oppressor
  • Discover how to contribute to God’s plan in your life and community.