Anne Emeka Obiajunwa

Anne Emeka Obiajunwa

Anne Emeka Obiajunwa


 Dewormed 250 children in Makoko, Lagos Nigeria.

JTOW, short for Jesus The Only Way, is the humanitarian arm of the Birthplace Empowerment Foundation. Our mission is to spread the saving grace of Jesus Christ across Africa and to the farthest corners of the earth. We focus on transforming communities by addressing both their physical and spiritual needs.

At JTOW, we understand communities’ challenges, from poverty and disease to displacement and conflict. We respond by providing essential services such as food, clothing, clean water, healthcare, and education to meet immediate humanitarian needs.

We recognize that while material relief is essential, it is temporal compared to humanity’s everlasting existence. That is why, alongside providing necessities, we prioritize spiritual support and guidance. Through sharing the message of hope and redemption found in Jesus Christ, we address the eternal needs of individuals and communities.

Our Story

Our Founder, Princess Emeka Obiajunwa speaks, 

In 2013, I had an experience I have never been able to fully describe ever since. I had just returned home from NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) in Ekiti state. 

While serving at Ekiti earlier in 2012, I told the Lord I would wait a year on job and marriage to serve in my home Church I thought I was going to be “waiting” on Him it turned out He was waiting on me. That year was one of the milestone years of my life and ministry.

I encountered Christ in a way that was completely new and unimaginable to me. Although I had been a Christian for 15 years (from 1998 to 2013), the experience that year revealed aspects of Christ I had never known before. It was a profound experience that made me see Him truly as the bridegroom, not just because the Bible says so, but because I felt His love in a way that made His reality undeniable.

This love encounter with Christ in December 2013 inspired me to celebrate Christmas in a deeply personal way, akin to how a bride might celebrate her groom’s birthday. While my family traveled for Christmas, I stayed home and invited children from my neighborhood and church into our living room. Sixteen children attended.

I gifted them books, bought a cake, and we watched several Christian Broadcasting Network Bible story movies. I shared the message of Christ’s love, explained who He is, and what Christmas truly means. Many of the children decided to give their lives to Christ. We danced, played games, and had a wonderful time together.

We did it again in 2014 with about 22 children in attendance. 

And in 2015, I said to the one who loves me, “Eliyon, I want to reach more people for you. You deserve a big party and soul harvest especially during Christmas.” 

He said to me, “My love, everyone can’t come to your house. How about you take this love and message to the streets?” 

In Christmas 2015, we reached out to over 100 street children and adults along the Boundary/Ajegunle and Apapa axis in Lagos State, providing them with clothes and food while sharing the love of Christ.

In December 2016, we extended our efforts to the Amukoko area, where we provided clothes, shoes, and food to 300 street children and women, again sharing the love of Christ.

By December 2017, our outreach had grown significantly. We connected with over 3000 residents of the Makoko community, offering material relief such as clothes, shoes, and food to over 1000 individuals. Additionally, we dewormed around 250 children and the rest is history as the saying goes.

Looking back, it’s clear that moving our efforts from my father’s living room to the streets was the best decision. The sheer number of people we were able to help made it all worthwhile.

Of all the initiatives under The Birthplace Empowerment Foundation, JTOW holds a special place in my heart. In a world where many live in poverty and communities struggle for survival, JTOW embodies the love and goodness of Christ. My goal is for others to experience the transformative love that changed my life forever.

Our supplies may not completely eradicate the challenges people face, but they can make a significant difference, even if only for a moment. The love and power of Jesus offer everlasting benefit, both in this life and beyond. This is why I believe it is not enough to provide physical aid without also offering the opportunity to embrace Christ. Giving someone “rice” to fill their stomach is important, but offering Christ to heal their soul is paramount.

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"Never Give a Man Rice Without Offering Him the Opportunity to Know Christ".

Princess-Anne Emeka-Obiajunwa


How We Choose

We love to go wherever there is a need for physical supplies and the love of Christ, particularly  communities or nations with

•Poor Living Conditions

• High Mortality Rate

•Low access to Education

•Low believing/Christian population

•Unreached population 

Where we have been

birthplace outreach

We reached out to 150 people in the Hausa-speaking Baale community of Ajegunle.

The eagerness in the eyes of these women stirred our hearts with compassion. It became clear that we would need to bring more supplies to our future outreaches.

birthplace outreach Amukoko

Amukoko is a large community comprised of numerous smaller clusters. We moved from one cluster to another, distributing food to all and providing stationery to the children. At the same time, we shared the saving power of Jesus with everyone we met.


Makoko is a small neighborhood across the 3rd Mainland Bridge located on the coast of mainland Lagos. A third of the community is built on stilts along the lagoon and the rest is on the land.

The waterfront part of the community is largely harboured by the Egun people who migrated from Badagary and Republic of Benin (Wikipedia).

In 4 engaging hours we preached JESUS to over 3000 people, dewormed about 250 children, and distributed books, clothes, shoes, beddings, toys and snacks to over 1000 residents of the Egun community  (riverine dwellers) and the mixed multitude on land.

birthplace outreach

Located in Bariga Local Government Area, it is not only one of the worst settlements in the megacity; it is also one of the most crowded. Conservatively, it is estimated that over 250,000 people live in Ilaje. But that’s not the real issue.

The real issue is no fewer than 10 people live in some of the one-room shanties erected on top of the lagoon.” Says Yusuf a reporter at

In 2 engaging hours, we preached JESUS to a little over 1000 people, and distributed books, clothes, shoes, bedding, toys, and snacks to all.

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birthplace outreach

Our outreach to Ifesowapo, a slum located in Mile 12, Lagos,  Nigeria, made us realize how much more we need to reach out in love. 

We provided supplied for about 2000 people in this community

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