Anne Emeka Obiajunwa

Anne Emeka Obiajunwa

Anne Emeka Obiajunwa

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the birthplace empowerment foundation

Who We Are

The Birthplace Empowerment Foundation is a faith-based, non-governmental organization inaugurated on Saturday, May 25, 2013, at  Tamar’s Pouch Conference. Also known as the City of Lights, the Foundation is dedicated to transforming lives and communities, aligning them with God’s purpose through a multifaceted approach.  We are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)  of  Nigeria. 

Our Approach

Our Social intervention campaigns, popularly known as School outreach, address juvenile issues among secondary school students. We prioritize understanding their behaviors and positively influencing them through direct engagement in their school environment.

Our Save a Girl Child educative campaign spans secondary schools, empowering young girls to recognize and overcome various forms of abuse. We aim to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to break free from the cycle of sexual and emotional abuse, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives despite past experiences.”

We understand communities’ challenges, from poverty and disease to displacement and conflict. We respond by providing essential services such as food, clothing, clean water, healthcare, and education to meet immediate humanitarian needs. JTOW Community, House of Onesiphorus

 Our goal is encapsulated in Ephesians 4:13 (Berean version), ‘Until we all may attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a complete man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.’ This verse guides us in discipleship—mentoring and guiding individuals towards a deeper understanding of faith. We believe that through intentional discipleship, we can help individuals grow spiritually, achieve unity in faith and knowledge of Christ, and ultimately reach their full potential as followers of Christ.

Alignment Mandate, Covenant Altar of Lights, Grow 90 Pathway.

 We recently launched the Birthplace Institute of Evangelism, dedicated to equipping believers in their evangelistic calling and effectiveness. Our institute offers dynamic courses, resources, and hands-on experiences designed to nurture growth and proficiency in evangelism. Rooted in the timeless truths of Scripture, our curriculum is enriched by practical insights from seasoned evangelists and missionaries, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful learning experience for all participants.

Institute of Evangelism, The Compass Course, The Code Mentoring, Outreach Ambassador and Internship pathways.

Eagle’s Soar Conference is a dynamic youth-focused event with a clear mandate: to cultivate purpose-driven and fulfilling lives among young people. Since its inception in 2007, we’ve been privileged to witness the transformative impact of this initiative as it has guided countless youths to embrace and pursue God’s beautiful plan for their lives. Through inspiring sessions, engaging activities, and impactful mentorship, Eagle’s Soar provides a nurturing environment that empowers youths to spread their wings and soar toward their destinies.

Tamar’s Pouch Conference is committed to empowering women to fulfill their destiny, regardless of past pain, experiences, or mistakes. First held in 2009, We have been committed to raising a generation of hurt-free women, equipped to live fulfilled lives through course study, group interaction, conferences, counselling, and mentoring.